What is a Back Up?

In information technology, a backup or the process of backing up refers to the creation of copies of data that can be used to restore the original in the event of data loss. These additional copies are commonly referred to as “backups.” The verb is back up while the noun is backup (often used like an adjective in compound nouns).

Backups are primarily useful for two reasons. The first is to restore a state after a catastrophe (called disaster recovery). The second step is to restore a small number of accidentally deleted or corrupted files. Loss of data is also very common. 66% of internet users have experienced significant data loss.

Due to the fact that a backup system stores at least one copy of all data worth preserving, data storage requirements are substantial. It is difficult to organize this storage space and manage the backup procedure. A data repository model may be utilized to provide storage with structure. In the modern era of computing, there are numerous types of data storage devices that can be utilized to create backups. These devices can also be arranged in a variety of ways to provide geographic redundancy, data security, and portability.

Before data is stored, it is selected, extracted, and transformed. Numerous techniques have been created to optimize the backup process. These include, among others, optimizations for dealing with open files and live data sources, compression, encryption, and de-duplication. Numerous organizations and individuals work to define measurements and validation techniques in an effort to gain confidence that a process is operating as intended. Additionally, it is essential to recognize the limitations and human factors involved in any backup plan.


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