Speed Bump Types and Sizes

Speed bumps are a popular way to control the speed of traffic and are available in various designs and sizes. They are usually 3 to 4 inches high, and are designed to reduce the impact of vehicles traveling at excessive speeds. They are commonly found on roadways, schools, and parking lots. They are made of high quality rubber, and have 2 mounting holes for easy installation. The most important part of a speed bump is its ability to control traffic.

A 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Hump is a great choice for parking lots, schools, and retirement communities. It is ideal for curbing traffic at speeds between ten and fifteen mph. Its modular design makes it easy to install, and the patented rubber embedded in the hump makes it ideal for both asphalt and concrete surfaces. This speed bump also comes with male and female end caps, making it versatile for any location. Speed bumps Unimat

The Rubber Speed Hump is an ideal option for curbing traffic at a lower speed. It is constructed from a heavy-duty material that can withstand traffic loads of up to 34 pounds. It is ideal for parking lots, roadsides, and schools, and can be easily installed in concrete or asphalt. Besides being durable and affordable, The rubber speed humps can be purchased in various sizes and colors.

The Rubber Speed Hump is an affordable option for curbing traffic. The 6′ model is wide and will slow traffic to ten or fifteen mph. It is perfect for schools, hospitals, and retirement communities. Its rubber humps are designed to be safe for pedestrians, pets, and pedestrians. They can even be installed in parking lots. A 3′ rubber speed hump can be used on roadways and parking lots.

The Rubber Speed Hump is durable and economical. It can slow down traffic to 10 to 15 mph. It is ideal for roads, parking lots, and schools, and is ideal for retirement communities. It is able to be installed in concrete grounds and is available in a variety of sizes. Regardless of its size, the 6 foot Economy Speed Hump is the best choice for most locations. These products are made of high quality rubber and are durable. Speed bumps Unimat

The  Rubber Speed Hump is designed to slow traffic to 10-15 mph. It is perfect for parking lots, roadways, and schools. It is constructed of high quality rubber and will flex to fit a variety of surfaces. Its three-foot model is ideal for residential and commercial areas. They are also compatible with cable protectors. These are durable and economical. It will stop cars and pedestrians from crashing into each other.

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